A number of pupils have achieved great results in some recent mathematics competitions.

Congratulations to Joe Rix (8C) Sam Buick (8W) Taylor Evans (9D) and Brann Himlin (9D) who have all have qualified as a team for the National Final of this year’s UK Mathematics Trust Team Challenges after taking first place at the regional final in March.

The boys competed against 37 other teams in the regional round of this annual competition, spending a day at Keele Hall tackling mathematical problems against their competitors and the clock.  They were delighted when they were announced the winners.

Sam Fletcher, maths teacher at Adams’ explains: “It was a busy day with the boys having to compete against 37 other teams in four challenging rounds starting with a group round of open problem solving. The teams all had ten problems to solve in a given time and the boys successfully solved all ten in just 45 minutes.

“The second round was called Cross Number and for this the boys had to split into pairs with one pair having the ‘across’ clues and the other pair having the ‘down’ clues. Each pair had to work independently to complete the grid using logic and deduction and again the boys did really well, scoring 48 out of 56.

“In the third round the teams all competed against the clock to correctly answer a series of four questions with the answer to each question being dependent on the previous answer.

“The final round involved a lot of movement and was appropriately named Relay. The boys had to split into pairs again to solve 30 problems in just 45 minutes with each pair taking it in turns to answer a question and then pass the next question to the other pair.  The boys scored an impressive 54 out of 60 in this round.”

The Adams’ team is now really looking forward to the next stage of the competition.   Year 8 pupil Joe Rix says:   “I’ve never done anything like this before and didn’t know what to expect but we had a really fun day.  I really enjoyed meeting other schools from across the region and can’t wait to meet more teams at the National Final, which we are told will include making a poster and answering questions on a given topic.”

Head of Maths Dr Simon Burrows adds:  “It was a great opportunity for the boys to have some fun doing challenging maths problems in an unusual and novel way.”

The competition final will be held at the Royal Horticultural Halls, London on 19th June.

Congratulations are also in order for Upper Sixth student Lewis Dean who has achieved second place in the Open Challenge maths competition run by the Liverpool Mathematical Society. Additionally, Year 10 students Toby Ng (10C), Ishaan Reni (10T) and Reuben Thomas (10T) entered the MEM Senior Challenge, run by Liverpool University, and were awarded Certificates of Merit.

“These are all great achievements and I am delighted the boys took the opportunity to take part in the competitions “adds Simon. “They will now be attending prize-giving evenings at Liverpool University in May.”