Sixth Form Boarding

Feel more independent

Sixth Form boarding is increasingly popular nowadays: Parents are happy that their child is less dependent on home and family for a couple of years before the complete freedom of university, and are pleased that someone will be on duty to check that they don’t work on their art project all night, at the expense of tomorrow’s lessons, without getting into the kind of argument that can generate when it’s Mum or Dad doing the nagging.

Young people enjoy the ‘half-way house’ between home and university too – they feel more independent but they are still required to complete the required amount of prep and their grades and work ethic is closely monitored. Sixth Form boarders really appreciate the additional support provided by structured prep sessions in the library alongside a team of tutors as well as the chance to spend extra time with their fellow boarders who will often be going through similar experiences.

Sixth form boarders at Adams’ join our senior boarders at Beaumaris Hall. This is a fully refurbished purpose-designed boarding house which opened in September 2017. The House is designed to be an ideal stepping stone between home and university style halls of residence. It features extensive communal areas where boarders can relax as well as a American Diner themed supper kitchen where some cookery skills can be learned! All rooms are bright and modern and have their own en-suite facilities.

Becoming a Sixth Form Boarder

Here are a few words from our boarders themselves:

Upper Sixth Form boarder who joined us in the Sixth Form as a boarder.

 “I love boarding at Adams’ as there is always something to do so I never find myself getting bored.  The senior boarding house is quirky and old but it’s got character and has a lovely homely feel to it. It really feels like one big family with us all looking out for one another.

“There really is a great supportive environment in boarding. We are able to bounce ideas off each other and there is always someone to talk to and ask for help – often someone who has already experienced the same difficulty as you and so is able to offer help and advice.  There is a shared understanding that you give help as well as receive it, which I find really beneficial as being able to help someone actually reinforces my own learning.”

Sixth Form boarder who was a day pupil at Adams’ for 5 years and then moved into Sixth Form boarding.

“I really enjoy being a boarder.  It has encouraged me to take part in lots of different things as I have been spurred on by my fellow boarders to join in. For example, being a keen sports player I would normally have avoided the House Drama competition, but I actually really loved being a part of it. I guess it’s a case of not knowing how good it is until you try it.

 “I find boarding provides me with a clear structure of what I need to do and when I need to do it.  The fact that we all have to do our prep at a certain time and for a set period of time really helps me to concentrate on my work and to give the correct amount of time to my studies.  There is never any worry about not being able to do anything either as there is always someone to ask if you get stuck with anything – friends and boarding tutors.

 “The boarding tutors are a mix of teachers and graduates so they are a great help and are able to offer lots of advice and support when you need it. Before I boarded I would have to wait until the next day when I could ask the teacher at school for clarification or help with understanding the work.  I still need to do that at times but now it is all about improving what I have already done rather than not managing to do anything at all.”

“I love the boarding life and truly feel the friends I have made in boarding will become my life-long friends when I leave.”

If you would like to find out more about boarding at Adams’ in the Sixth Form, we would be delighted to show you around our boarding houses and school.  We can arrange taster overnight stays in the boarding house to help you get a true picture of what life as a sixth form boarder is really like.

To find out more about Sixth Form boarding at Adams’ please call us on 01952 953810 or email