Longford Hall

Longford Hall is home to 50 of our 11-14 year old boarders at Adams’ Grammar School. A Grade 11 listed Georgian mansion, the Hall is a stunning, inspirational home and offers magnificent views of the Shropshire countryside. The 120 acres of grounds are enjoyed by all our pupils who spend at least one afternoon a week at Longford having their games lessons, which include cross country running, rugby, football and cricket matches.  Our CCF cadets also enjoy overnight training exercises in the extensive grounds of the Hall.

A brief history

During medieval times the Longford estate was owned by Lord Shrewsbury’s family. In 1789 it was purchased by local wealthy businessman Ralph Leeke, who then employed Italian architect Joseph Bonomi to significantly rebuild the house after a disastrous fire. Longford remained in the ownership of the Leeke family until Colonel Leeke’s three sons were all killed in World War 1. The Hall was later occupied by the Royal Artillery during the Second World War and also became a hospital for the wounded soldiers.

Longford was subsequently bought by the Hall family who restored the house and lived in it during the 1950s and 1960s. In 1966 it was put up for sale and subsequently purchased in 1967 by the Worshipful Company of Haberdashers’ for Adams’ Grammar School. It was officially opened as a boarding house for the school by Princess Margaret, Honorary Freeman of The Haberdashers’ Company, in May 1968.