ON Events

2017 Events

ON Sports Weekend

The annual ON sports weekend will take place on the 16th December 2017. As with recent events it will include football, netball, hockey and rugby competitions between the current teams and recent leavers. Please note new rules mean the current 1st XV can only play a team of last year’s leavers.

Football – 10.30am at Longford

Netball – 10am in the Sports Hall


Rugby – 1pm at Longford

If you would like to take part and are not in contact with others from your year please contact us (Marketing@adamsgs.uk) and we will put you in touch with the member of staff organising your event.

Tom Bates Sevens

The sixth annual Tom Bates Old Boys Sevens will take place on Sunday 27th August starting at 12pm at Longford Hall.

The event began a number of years ago to keep alive the Old Novaportan rugby tradition far beyond the December game for first year leavers. We have had a strong turnout every year so far, but we’re always looking to get as many teams playing as possible!

Old Novaportans of all ages are invited to come back for the August Bank Holiday weekend and join the family fun. There will be a BBQ running all day so come along with some food and drink and enjoy the sunshine. The trophy last year went to the 2014 leavers (for the second year running) so we’re in need of another year to come and steal their crown!

Teams are currently made up of leavers as far back as 15 years ago, so if you’d like to play but aren’t sure if anyone else in your year group will be there, please contact Richard Storrow at richiestorrow@hotmail.com.

Careers Events

We appreciate hearing from ONs who can help out at careers events and offer advice to our pupils. There are two key events in the careers calendar: the Careers Convention held in the Spring Term and the Careers Forum which is held to coincide with ONs returning from university for the summer holidays. This year the Forum will be on the 30th June and we are looking forward to welcoming ONs who are at university, on a training scheme or who have recently left either to return to tell pupils about their course, their company or their university. If you can help please email us.

ON Sports Weekend 2016

Many thanks to all those who returned to take part in or watch the very competitive ON sports matches which took place just before Christmas.

Pictures can be found in the galleries below and a report on the Netball matches is available here.

If you would like to take part in the 2017 event in December and are not in touch with players from your era, please email us at oldnovaportan@adamsgs.org.uk so we can put you in contact.