AGS Radio

Introducing AGS Radio

‘Welcome back to Adams’ Grammar School Radio with your presenters today – Sam, Jonty and Harry’ is becoming a familiar sound within the AGS community.

The team first floated the idea for a radio station back in the autumn term, wanting to produce a show that was for the students and by the students – from Year 7s right up to the Sixth Form, as well as parents, Old Novaportans, teachers and other associates of the school.

Their motivation and encouragement was further fuelled when they arranged a trip to Heart FM Radio North West to learn from two of the best presenters in the industry, Joel and Lorna.

Their mission:  “AGS Radio is to be the student voice of Adams’ Grammar School, broadcasting a wide range of easy-to-access, informal and informative news and entertainment to our students, the AGS community… and beyond!”

The boys presented AGS Radio to the school during a full school assembly and shortly after aired their first show. They are now on track to deliver fortnightly broadcasts that will  include a number of regular features:

  • news and views from school life
  • the build-up to and analysis of House events
  • interviews with Old Novaportans and special guests
  • the leader board ‘quick-fire’ quiz
  • student achievements and shout outs
  • informal discussions and top tips from Adams’ students on relevant topics.
  • live student performances whenever possible to showcase all the talent from within the school.

AGS Radio can be listened to by clicking on the links below, so make sure you tune in and enjoy the first few shows in the series!

If you have any thoughts or ideas about the show, please email and your message will be passed on to the AGS Radio team:  Sam Hart, Jonty Watt and Harry Canning.

Listen Here!

The radio shows can be heard by using the links below.  Dropbox will prompt you to sign in but you can listen without joining by just clicking ‘no thanks’.

Over the coming weeks the boys will be broadcasting a wide range of news and entertainment for all of the AGS community so stay tuned!

Show 1 - 16th February 2017Show 2 - 1st March 2017Show 3 - 16th March 2017Show 4 - 30th March 2017Show 5 - 4th May 2017Show 6 - 18th May 2017Show 7 - 14th June 2017Show 8 - 30th June 2017