Recently the grounds of Longford Hall hosted the first House Cyclocross events ever with events for pupils in Year 9, Year 10 and Years 11-12 .
Cyclocross is a cross between road riding and mountain biking. We’re grateful for the help British Cycling have given us over the past 2 years, delivering race prep coaching to a small number of Yr 9 students. The 6 week course gave the pupils the base skills required to be able to race in a Cycloscross event. This year Mr Kaye has run the training sessions with a new group of Yr 9 as well as the senior racers to ensure they can perform safely at the best possible level. Mr Kaye has also designed and built a brand new course for this year’s events which includes riding on tarmac, grass, gravel and within the woodland at Longford. The course also requires the racers to negotiate obstacles that they need to lift the bikes over to continue in the race.
Each House CX event has three disciplines. The first is a ‘flying lap’ sprint around an oval course testing the racers power rather than endurance. The second is similar but is a team event consisting of 3 riders completing 3 laps and full speed, each lap one rider retires leaving the third rider to cross the finish line. The final event is the main CX race which is multiple laps of approx. 3 mins. U14s race for 20 mins, U15s 25 mins and Seniors for 30 mins.