Being a boarder at Adams’

Junior Boarding at Longford Hall

Being a boarder is a unique experience you can read more about what our pupils think below or alternatively take a look at the latest Junior Boarding News to find out what we’ve been up to.

“When you receive the letter accepting you into Longford your eyes glow with excitement. You think of the endless possibilities, the staying up late, the pillow fights and seeing your friends on a day-to-day basis. You steadily get more excited as the induction day draws nearer.

“On the induction day, as your day of school finishes, you get on the bus to Longford with a sense of anticipation. You are allocated to your dorm and as you claim ownership of your bed, you make idle, nervous small talk to your dorm mates. You go down to the front of the house and complete many team-building activities. Here you feel safer to come out of your nervous shell.

“The campfire helps boost your confidence before going back to the dorm and interacting properly with your dorm mates.

“The first week of term draws. You face it with excitement but with butterflies in your stomach. The first night, you are put in your new dorm with your new dorm mates. This will be your home for the rest of the school year. Everyone is slightly less confident as now this is the ‘real thing’. The first night is mainly awkward introductions and some people put on a brave face to hide their home sickness.

“In the coming weeks, a chance comment is made that unites the spark of friendship. You begin to enjoy life and the community spirit of boarding lifts you up. The great variety of boarding tutors means that homework is never a problem – this is what defines being a boarder for me. The winter term stretches long but at the end you have a delightful Longford Arts Evening.

“By the start of the spring term you have settled in well and truly and not only have you made friends with your own dorm mates, but the whole of your year. For me, being a boarder is so much better than being a day student because of the friendly community spirit and being surrounded by friendly faces. You could say it is like a sleepover every day! Your only worries are your exams (and maybe explaining to your teacher why you forgot your homework!).”

Written by a Year 7 Boarder

Senior Boarding at Beaumaris Hall

At the age of 14/15 , boarders move into senior boarding to continue their boarding life.In September 2017 senior boarding moved into Beaumaris Hall, a purpose designed home yards from the entrance to the main school. Beaumaris Hall offers en-suite accommodation in every room as well as a supper room for the boys. There are large communal area for the boys to relax and enjoy spending time together. Senior boarding aims to help pupils gain independence and is an ideal stepping stone between home life and university.

As at Longford, there is a Boarding Housemaster in residence, supported by a team of Matrons and Boarding Tutors.   Here is what one of our senior boarders has to say:

“I love senior boarding as there is always something to do so I never find myself getting bored.  The boarding house is quirky and old but it’s got character and has a lovely homely feel to it. It really feels like one big family with us all looking out for one another. 

Boarding is a really great supportive environment.  We are able to bounce ideas off each other and there is always someone to talk to and ask for help – often someone who has already experienced the same difficulty as you and so is able to offer help and advice.  There is also a shared understanding that you give help as well as receive it, which I feel is really beneficial as helping someone actually reinforces my own learning. I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Written by a Senior Boarder